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With IPA Staff, you get access to one of the fastest growing HR platforms in Denmark, including 11 modules and valuable HR insights. You’ll be able to manage all your master data and gain data-driven insights into your HR performance.

Plus, you can add new HR add-on modules to improve the recruitment process, increase wellbeing and promote the development of both employees and teams.

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IPA Staff comes with a host of ready-to-use HR modules

IPA Staff – HR standard modul

Module 1 (Incl.)

Securely manage all your employee data in one centralised place in compliance with GDPR.

Manage your global HR master data in one easy-to-use HR system – replace old spreadsheets and folders with this modern solution.

Module 2 (Incl.)

Let your employees manage their own data and specify ICE (In Case of Emergency) contacts. By creating custom fields, employees can also enter information such as allergies.

Module 3 (Incl.)

Manage your employees’ pay and benefits.
You can choose to send this data to your payroll system, making IPA Staff “the one version of the truth”. d outdated paper.

Module 4 (Incl.)

Create your own unique competency matrix and discover the valuable potential of your organisation’s diverse competencies.

Module 5 (Incl.)

Identify who speaks which languages in your company to improve understanding of your organisation’s communication skills across borders.

Module 6 (Incl.)

Easily manage equipment allocation and access to systems in IPA Staff. Keep track of who has received what equipment and when, and who has access to different systems.

Module 7 (Incl.)

Store documents related to each employee, such as applications, training certificates and written warnings. Make sure all data is deleted when the employee leaves the organisation.

Module 8 (Incl.)

Pre-boarding is the process that takes place from the time the employee has signed the contract until their first day of work. This is a phase where the employee is most motivated and where there is an opportunity to realise their full potential.

Module 9 (Incl.)

Employees who participate in a well-established and systematic onboarding programme are 69% more likely to stay with the company for up to three years.

Module 10 (Incl.)

Gain insight into the reasons why employees leave by conducting exit interviews. Use this data actively to improve communication or increase psychological safety in the workplace.

IPA Staff

IPA HR Dashboards

Perfect for organisations with 10 – 250 employees


Rikke Pallesen

“IPA 360° HR Suite is a professional HR system for developing employees and ensuring well-being. IPA Staff is perfect for us.”

Happy IPA 360° customers


Trine Krohn
People and Culture Partner

“We are very happy with the IPA 360° HR Suite. IPA Staff is a perfect HR system for us with 250 employees in 2 countries.”

Expand your HR efforts with your own HR focus areas. HR add-on modules

Create a consistent and framework-setting dialogue where everyone in the organisation speaks the same language. Use IPA Nordic’s highly rated research as your safe harbour.

Recruitment platform

Use IPA Nordic’s ATS system to share your jobs online and keep track of the entire recruitment process.
Read more about IPA ATS here

Intelligent Appraisal

A 100% individual mouse conversation that takes the dialogue somewhere else. Utilise and understand the employee’s unique strengths and talents.

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Læs mere

TEAM (Group Development)

The Group Development Interview (GRUS) is a conversation between a manager and a group of employees where the group’s overall competence development is discussed.

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Pulse Surveys

Focus on wellbeing and get continuous follow-up with IPA HR Pulse surveys. Gain invaluable insights into employee stress, wellbeing and loyalty. React before it’s too late with IPA Early Warning.

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Early Warning

At a time when employee wellbeing has become a key factor for business success, we introduce IPA Early Warning – a revolutionary solution designed to detect and manage stress in its early stages.

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IPA Personality Analysis

IPA Core is a personality analysis and is an outline for a conversation where the outcome and quality is created in the dialogue between two people.

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Lightning-fast system with the highest security

An HR system often acts as the nerve centre of your business. Therefore, security, uptime and support are key features.

  • 30 years of research

  • Internationally recognised

GDPR and IT security


IPA Nordic’s IT backbone is set up with high performance. When under load, there is an automatic server overflow.

Safe & Secured

Your data is highly protected at IPA. In the event of an attack, data is moved and rebooted elsewhere.

99,x % Server Uptime

The servers run with very high uptime, ensuring your business is always online.

Dedicated Support

IPA Nordic has a broad network of HR professionals who always go the extra mile.

Global reach

82% of the world’s population can answer an IPA analysis in their native language.

Easy Setup

Using the built-in templates and Excel import, you can set up IPA Staff in minutes.

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Gain invaluable insights into employee stress, wellbeing and loyalty


HR RealtityCheck

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Intelligent Appraisal


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