HR RealityTjek

A report on the state of your HR efforts

€ 1.340,-

HR RealityTjek

HR Reality Check is your way of getting a status report on your HR efforts. IPA Nordic  comes to the organization and asks a series of questions to the HR manager and management.

The result is a picture of the organization here and now and the desired goals. You can do this yourself, or IPA Nordic can help you stay focused and provide content

Who is the
Target audience?.

Any company, large or small, that wants to examine and improve their HR efforts.

How much time
does it take?.

We typically spend a morning going through the questions and then deliver either highlights, a report or a personal review.

What is the cost of a
HR RelityTjek?

We charge from € 1,340 for a full HR RelityTjek incl. reporting.

Can we ourselves

The idea is that you work on the areas of interest yourself. You can always book IPA for sparring and advice.

What is HR RelityTjek?

Based on 9 fundamental HRM elements, HR RealityCheck analyzes existing HR processes and policies to identify which areas are already working well and which need improvement.

The HR Reality Check is the perfect tool to see if HR is compatible and fully aligned with your company’s values, goals and strategy. In other words, HR RelityTjek can help you optimize HR processes so that aspects such as recruitment, on-boarding, payroll and performance management all get the attention they need.

focus areas

  • EVP (Employer Value Proposition)

  • Employer branding

  • Recruitment & Selection

  • Pre- & onboarding

  • Performance & feedback

  • Succession planning

  • Learning & Development

  • Salary & benefits

  • HRIS and HR data & analytics

They are not alone

None of these fundamental HRM elements are isolated. They all interact and influence each other. Think of these 9 fundamentals as building blocks – strong management of each fundamental contributes to the strength of the next. Collectively, these HRM elements can enable a company’s employees to not only perform better, but to perform at their very best.


The HR Reality Check concludes with an overview that provides an easy and elegant overview of the 9 initiatives. The following report elaborates on the individual topics.

Thomas Madvig,
HR Manager
350 employees

Thomas Madvig

“Madkastellet has had an HR RelityTjek performed. We got 360° around our HR efforts, and the report forms the basis for our future HR priorities and efforts. I can definitely recommend an HR RealityCheck from IPA Nordic”.

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