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Get the best out of your leadership group or team


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IPA Team & Management Group Development.

Most outstanding achievements in both business and sport are built on the ability of people to complement each other.

We tend to focus on the unique individual performance because it’s easier to identify with the person who scores the decisive goal, but in the vast majority of cases, victory is a product of the collective spirit and ability to staff each position with the most suitable people.

A team is a group of people where the whole is stronger than the sum of its parts and where the spirit – the sense of shared strength – creates the tremendous energy, will and insight that leads to victory.


Each session lasts approximately 3 hours and consists of analysis review and dialog. It can take place at your company or at IPA Nordic.


Up to a total of 3 different analytics can be used and take approximately 20-25 minutes to complete.

What is included?

What is Team Development?

Team development is about managing human processes for the whole and being good at something for the individual.

A team is dependent on both the individual’s talent for solving a specific task and the ability to combine talent in order to most effectively achieve the set goals.

In every team, there are four basic functions that together make up the human map we need to orient ourselves.

Who is the team?

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Personlighedstest er et vidunderligt værktøj til dialog og refleksion.

Therefore, there are a number of basic prerequisites that need to be met before we can even talk about creating a team. We call these prerequisites the FOUNDATION OF THE TEAM.

Team roles to achieve company goals and vision

The team development process

  • The team’s ability to generate ideas

  • The team’s ability to support and develop each other

  • The team’s ability to act and execute

  • The team’s ability to manage and plan

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