Who is IPA Nordic?

IPA Nordic has the highest rated personality analysis developed in the Nordic region

Who is IPA Nordic? IPA Nordic is a Nordic research and software house whose solutions are used by HR departments in both small and large companies, coaches, consultants and leading recruitment companies.

IPA personality assessments are widely used in the Nordic region and internationally.

Who is IPA

IPA Scandinavian research in proven world class

Cand. Phil. Flemming Olsen has been researching the relationship between leadership and personality for many years. For more than 20 years, this research has been the common thread in the assignments he has solved for many different clients.

The vision has always been to…

…to find and document, through research, the links between personality and successful leadership

In all the tools Flemming Olsen has developed, this vision has been the guiding idea.

Flemming Olsen, in collaboration with a Swedish consulting firm, has built the largest research database in the Nordic region, containing analysis results for more than 25,000 managers and employees. It is a database that, in its structure, creates possibilities for conducting both broad basic research and more tailor-made research projects for specific companies.

Flemming Olsen is certified in Sweden by STP, Stiftelsen för tillämpad Psykologi. Here, the submitted analyses are assessed on 14 parameters, and the research achieved certification as the best Nordic-developed tool of its kind. That’s the answer to Who is IPA Nordic?


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