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HR Masterdata

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One single unified HR system

Value-adding tools and analyses. Manage your HR processes and put people first with our IPA Staff and 360⁰ HR Cockpit. Your innovative and value-creating HR system. IPA Staff is the way to create a balanced organisation. Use your data effectively. Create an overview and work with talent management, team development and intelligent performance reviews. IPA Staff is the flexible HR system of the future.


The IPA system architecture offers easy integration to other systems via our open API. Our open APIs make it possible to integrate your systems with ours, be it payroll systems, time tracking systems, CRM systems or something else entirely.


At IPA, you are covered when it comes to data security and GDPR. You will always be sure to collect, store, process and delete data in compliance with GDPR. This gives you security in all your HR processes.

HR Features

IPA Staff supports the HR professionals of tomorrow through our automation and digitalisation of HR employee data, enabling you to focus on strategic recruitment choices, talent development and workplace wellbeing.
Our HR system includes a range of features that cater to your company's HR administrative processes, bringing together your employee data and providing access to detailed HR insights to make better decisions and create a balanced organisation.


IPA Staff gathers employee data in one system, making it easy to keep an overview. We make it easy for you to organise, register, analyse and empower the employee information your company holds.

It's the path to data-driven HR.

IPA Nordics offers a solid HR system
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Employee overview

Keeping track of your employee data can be difficult. As an organisation, you always need to manage documents and data such as contracts, absence, illness, development on- and offboarding etc.

IPA Staff ensures that you structure essential employee data in a user-friendly and professional HR system. Everything is collected and stored digitally in one place. Access can be controlled so that the HR manager has access to everything, the middle manager to some, and the employee only to their own data.

Employee master data

Employee master data with all relevant information, references and success criteria. Equipment issued, Documents, Competences, Salary and benefits, On- & Offboarding. All emails and activities are logged in the HR system. This is important in relation to current personal data regulations (GDPR), for example.

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