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Henrik B. Sørensen

Henrik B. Sørensen

Steen Wæver Poulsen

Steen Wæver Poulsen

HR Reality Tjek

HR Status Report

HR Reality Check is your way of getting a status report on your HR efforts. The result is a picture of the organization here and now, as well as the desired goals. You can do these yourself, or IPA can help you stay focused and provide content.

Development management team

Get the best out of your leadership group or team

A team is a group of people where the whole is stronger than the sum of its parts and where the spirit – the sense of shared strength – creates the tremendous energy, will and insight that leads to victory.

Second Opinion

Sharpen your recruitment

Our offer IPA Second opnion is an offer to existing and future customers for sparring and advice in connection with an existing or upcoming recruitment


Helping dismissed employees move on

Outplacement is an offer for dismissed employees or managers to help them move forward through a professional, individual counseling program.

Organisatorisk Due Diligence

Which internal areas affect your company’s efficiency

An IPA analysis and research that diagnoses the company and the internal areas that affect the company’s efficiency.

“Madkastellet has had an HR Realitytjek from IPA Nordic.  I can clearly “recommend an HR RealityCheck from IPA Nordic.

Thomas Madvig
HR Chef

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