One system to manage all your processes

IPA Nordic researches relationships and human behaviour.
IPA Nordic develops framework-setting dialogue tools for recruitment, pulse surveys and employee development.


IPA Headhunter og rekruttering

Complete 360° recruitment flow with recruitment portal and personality analyses.

Pulse Surveys

IPA Pulsmå´linger

Use IPA pulse surveys to understand your organisation's loyalty, wellbeing and stress levels. Use it actively.

Talent development

IPA Talent

Use IPA for intelligent performance reviews, personal development, team optimisation and leadership training.

Our customers

Get IPA to analyse the state of your HR efforts

Get IPA to help you get the best out of your leadership group and team

A talk on how to manage different generations

A motivational talk about personality profiles and differences

IPA Core Personality

IPA Core Personality is the highest rated personality analysis developed in Scandinavia. The Core Analyses cover behaviour, leadership, motivation, preference and personal values.

IPA Pulse Surveys

Stress, Wellbeing & Loyalty

Create an organisation in balance. Measure your organisation's stress, wellbeing and loyalty levels and react before it hits both the financial and social bottom line.

A modern HR system

IPA Staff is an innovative and value-creating people-centric HR system: Use it to attract, retain and develop your organisation with value-creating analytics and master data.

IPA Staff
IPA HR Insights

See your HR data analysed - in real time

In IPA HR InSights, you can, among other things, track the temperature in your organisation and see how things are going across departments and managers.


The IPA Recruitment System (Applicant Tracking System) is used by over 200 organisations today. What these companies have in common is the desire for an efficient hiring process.