IPA Stress index

– Achieve a balanced workplace with fewer sick days due to stress

IPA Stress index

Do people in your organisation thrive?

IPA Nordic helps you and your organization create a path to balance by measuring workplace wellbeing and stress risk. It’s quick to get started, ensuring that the wellbeing and stress index becomes a key metric in your organization.

Putting stress into numbers in the above way indicates how big a problem stress actually is. Both in Danish workplaces and as a global source of illness. However, the stress statistics do not indicate the personal costs that serious stress can have for the individual employee.

5 points on the IPA Stress Index


It takes a few minutes for each employee to complete.


Based on 10 evidence-based questions related to the workplace.


You measure continuously – our recommendation is monthly for 3-6 months, then whatever suits your organisation.


Responses are anonymous and above 5 responses, reporting will be opened.


Automatic emails can be sent with company offers for help.

Det koster mellem DKK 200.000 og 700.000 at modtage en langtidssygemelding.

IPA Early Warning forebygger stress og fanger det, inden det går galt.

Provides support to HR, Managers and employees

Counseling for victims of stress

All responses are anonymous. There is a built-in monitoring tool that can automatically send a message to the employee’s private email. Here, the company can tell them about the options the company provides or whether the company subscribes to a stress coach.

IPA Pulse Survey Dashboard

The manager and HR get an overview of how the organization/department is thriving and where there is a risk of stress. In this way, IPA Pulse measurements become a key figure like other strategic and financial KPIs.

IPA Stress Index

Instant results

Monitor progress

Management can monitor development, and individual employees can monitor their own development and get help and feedback, both internally and externally, when needed.

Have an active stress preparedness

Often the individual employee doesn’t know that something is wrong. After 2 negative measurements, the employee can receive an anonymous email about what the company has to offer for employees, as well as good advice and recommendations.

Openness makes for good employer branding

Taking stress seriously is something both existing and new employees appreciate. It creates an open and action-oriented culture.

IPA Stress Index

IPA HR InSights is a Stress Dashboard

The organisation gets an overview of how the department is thriving and where there is a risk of stress. Stress and Wellbeing becomes a key figure like other strategic and financial KPIs.

What is stress?

Stress is a state of physical or mental tension that occurs in response to strain, challenges or threats in our environment.

It can be a natural reaction to, for example, a busy period or a pressurised work situation, but if stress levels remain high over a long period of time, it can have negative consequences for our health and well-being.

Stress can manifest itself in different ways, such as irritability, sleep problems, difficulty concentrating, heart palpitations and emotional instability.

Stress in Denmark

The share of adult Danes with a high score on the stress scale has increased from 21% in 2013 to 25% in 2017 and 29% in 2021.

Nearly one in four sickness absences is due to a poor psychological working environment. This corresponds to 35,000 Danes who are on sick leave every day due to psychosocial factors

Stress is responsible for one million days of absence per year, 30,000 hospitalisations, 3,000 early retirements and 500,000 consultations in general practice each year

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