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– Make the dialogue dynamic and successful

5 different IPA tools

HR Dialog tools from IPA Nordic

IPA Nordic’s HR Dialogue Tools are based on IPA Nordic’s highly rated research on behaviour, preferences, motives, personal values and successful leadership. The tools create a framework for dialogue that both employees and managers are comfortable with.


Intelligent Apprisals from IPA Nordic revolutionises the way in which apprisal unfolds. With the desire to establish a 100% unique conversation, Intelligent appraisal talks about individual strengths and talents.


A team is a group of people where the whole is stronger than the sum of its parts and where the spirit creates the tremendous energy, will and insight that leads to victory.


Team development concept from IPA Nordic, you will be trained and certified in the use of tools for developing effective teams. The team constitution – growth through shared strength.


IPA Talent Management solution helps you to effectively develop and manage your most important assets – your people. Capture the individual strengths and talents of your employees.


IPA Competence Development brings together the activities that enable individuals to perform their tasks better.
The focus is Mastery – Autonomy – Belonging – Meaning

Why is structured and constructive dialog with employees important?

  • IPA Nordic dialog tools are based on both the individual and the team-based
  • The dialog tools give employees insight into how you intend to work with the future.
  • It’s also a way to acknowledge that your employees have taken the time to give you feedback by answering the questionnaire.
  • The dialog gives you the opportunity to elaborate on important points in the evaluation and ask about things that are unclear or surprising to you.
  • The dialogue is an opportunity to emphasize that good leadership emerges from a good collaboration between manager and employees; you give your employees co-responsibility for how you translate the evaluation into development in your unit.

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