IPA Pulse Survey

Focus on wellbeing and get continuous follow-up with IPA HR Pulse Survey

Proactive stress & wellbeing measurements
Automatic follow-up

€ 5,-

per colleague / month.

Gain invaluable insights into Employee Stress, Well-being and Loyalty
React before it’s too late with IPA Early Warning

IPA heart rate monitoring is an innovative and time-saving solution that measures stress, wellbeing and employee loyalty in your organisation. With our user-friendly and advanced platform, you gain invaluable insights into your employees’ wellbeing.

Companies with high engagement deliver 17% more productivity. That’s a plus on both the financial and social bottom line!.

Our recommendation:

  1. Run IPA Pulse Survey every month for 3-6 months and then find the level you want to measure at
  2. Be open about the survey and share the information – get at least 65% to respond regularly. 65% to respond on an ongoing basis
  3. Use Early Warning – this is where it hits both bottom lines
  4. Use an external stress coach / stress psychologist

93.850 €
Sick leave

It costs between € 26,800 and €93,850 to receive long-term sick leave.

Experience stress

23.2% of people in employment experience stress (National Danish Health Profile 2021)

Thinking of changing jobs

70% of employed Danes believe that now is a good time to find another job. (Gallup – State of the Global Workplace 2023)

are not engaged

20% of Danes enjoy their work and as many as 72% are not engaged in their work or workplace and 8% are actively disengaged

Employee insights are worth their weight in gold
Stop letting employee stress, unhappiness or resignations be the indicator of an unfavourable work environment. With pulse surveys from IPA Nordic, you give your employees an anonymous voice about their experience of stress, well-being and how loyal they are to the organisation.

The confidence to be honest through anonymity
Employees’ guaranteed anonymity gives them the confidence to be honest about their experience of stress, wellbeing and loyalty.

Automated emails meet anonymity
An anonymous employee experiencing stress or unhappiness is reached out to through an automated email you customise based on your company’s stress and unhappiness policy.

Be ahead of unfavourable trends before it’s too late
An employee who is unhappy and suffering from stress shouldn’t be an indicator that something is wrong. By sending pulse readings around the organisation 1-2 times a month, you’ll gain insights that enable you to be proactive on bad readings before employees call in sick.

Happy employees are your organisation’s most powerful resource
Every day, employees make decisions and take actions that affect the success of your business. The way employees are treated and the way they treat each other has a positive impact on the success of your organisation – or potentially put your business at risk

Reducing stress in the department is good for both the financial and social bottom line.

Reducing stress in the department is good for both the financial and social bottom line.

Create a culture of wellbeing
Identify stressors and challenges so you can take concrete steps to improve the work environment and promote employee wellbeing.

Proactivity is key
By acting on early warnings from our heart rate monitors, you can prevent issues from escalating and achieve better employee engagement.

Anonymity and honesty
Our anonymous heart rate monitors allow your employees to express themselves freely and honestly. This builds trust and openness, which is essential for accurate data.

Time-saving and easy
With our automated processes, managing heart rate measurements is simple. Save time and focus on acting on the insights you gain.

Strengthen your organisation’s success
Happy and satisfied employees are at the heart of any successful business. By measuring and improving stress, wellbeing and loyalty, you can increase productivity and retain valuable talent



Rikke Pallesen

VestaRAM Crisis Centre

Steen Wæver Poulsen - Direktør IPA Nordic

“VestaRAM has a strong focus on the well-being of our employees. That’s why we work with IPA Pulse Measurements, which we see as the strongest tool to measure employee loyalty, well-being and stress levels.

IPA Early Warning is our safety valve – both for the individual employee, but certainly also for the company’s finances, IPA Early Warning can nip stress in the bud and before it costs both the social and financial bottom line.”

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