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IPA Nordic as your strategic partner

Recruitment is a complex process that requires an in-depth understanding of both the needs of the organisation and the skills and personalities of the candidates. At IPA Nordic, we understand the importance of finding the right candidate for the right position. Our specialisation in personality analysis and the development of advanced tools make us an invaluable partner in your recruitment process.

Personality analyses: More than just a CV

A CV and cover letter can tell you a lot about a candidate’s experience and qualifications, but they rarely tell the whole story. Personality assessments provide a more comprehensive picture of how a candidate thinks, works and interacts with others. At IPA Nordic, we use proven methods and innovative tools to assess personality traits, giving you a deeper insight into your potential employees.

The Economic Model


“For the occasional recruiter who wants a professional solution but doesn’t use many analyses.”

To the headhunter


“For the headhunter who wants a professional solution and needs an unlimited number of analyses without compromise.”

For the Professional


“For the professional who recruits at all levels and wants a complete 360° feedback on the candidate.

Understanding Company Culture and Needs

IPA Nordic has tools and analyses for a thorough analysis of your job content in a JobMatch analysis that can be completed by the client. It provides answers to the desired job culture and the specific requirements of the vacancy. This initial phase is crucial to ensure we have a clear understanding of what you are looking for in a candidate.

Creating Personality Profiles:

Using our advanced personality analyses and specially developed tools, we create detailed profiles of your candidates. These profiles provide you with insights into their motivational factors, collaborative style, and personality traits.

The modular IPA recruitment platform works for both the self-employed or the team-based headhunter. At the centre is the 360° Cockpit, where all analyses are handled including local norm populations and local language coverage of more than 82% of the world's population.

Matching Candidates to the Role:

With our in-depth understanding of both the candidate and the organisation's needs, we can identify the candidates that best fit both the role and the company culture. This increases the likelihood of a successful hire and minimises the risk of mismatch.

The highest rated analysis

Danish researcher Flemming A. Olsen has received the highest rating for his research. Today, there are local norm populations and local language coverage in more than 82% of the world's population.



Ole Knokgaard,
Human360 (DK, SE, NO, FIN)

Ole Knokgaard

“IPA Nordic has the highest Scandinavian certification and is a company that is very much in continuous development.

Together with the 360° recruitment solution interface, IPA Nordic is clearly the most attractive offer on the market.”

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