IPA Webinars

IPA Webinars

IPA Nordic regularly organises a series of webinars where we present products, trends or elaborate on information from our IPA White Papers. Unless otherwise stated, participation is free of charge.

The webinars are held in Danish, English, Swedish, German, Finnish or Dutch.

Sep 3rd

10:00 (CET)

30 min

Target group:


Why Masterdata is not enough for HR systems in 2024

In the HR world of 24, master data is not enough to run a successful HR system..

You need real HR business insights:
– How is the organisation feeling and behaving?
– What is the temperature in the different teams?
– What are the strengths and opportunities of employees?
– How do we measure stress/well-being?
– How do we implement Early Stress Warning?
– How do we attract future talent?
– How do we register our internal talent?

IPA STAFF – one unified HR system
– Value-adding tools and analyses