IPA Safety Index

Stress arises in the individual in the meeting between something that comes from within in the form of thoughts, feelings and interpretations of a given situation, and something that comes from outside in the form of the conditions that meet the individual as something external.

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For those who struggle with change

That’s why we illuminate and address the entire stress syndrome with simple analyses of both sides of the syndrome.

In relation to working life, it is about registering the individual’s well-being in the workplace, which is primarily something external in the form of management, tasks, collaboration, communication, etc. And we register the individual’s personal encounter and interpretation of these conditions through a SAFETY INDEX.

The Security Index is developed as a test-within-the-test within the framework of IPA Nordic’s personality analysis. Through the individual’s answers to 25 of the 192 statements in the IPA Analysis, we build an index that tells something about the individual’s robustness, social and emotional needs, vulnerability, security needs, etc.

These measurements create a common ground and common language that is the starting point for the processes that should unfold in the company – both to prevent stress from occurring and to manage stress where it has already occurred.

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