IPA HR Pulse surveys

– Focus on well-being and continuous follow-up with IPA HR Pulse surveys

HR Pulse surveys from IPA Nordic

IPA Nordic’s HR pulse surveys are based on the latest research into, among other things, the connection between personality and susceptibility to, for example, stress. Follow the pulse of your department and organisation with IPA Pulse surveys. Anonymous, fast and usable from day one.


IPA Nordic helps you and your organisation to create a path towards balance by measuring workplace well-being and risk of stress. It is quick to get started and in this way you ensure that the well-being and stress index becomes a key indicator in your organisation.


The findings on well-being indicate that organisations want to create an environment where people are engaged in their jobs. It is therefore necessary to ensure that creative and talented employees see their work as meaningful.


To be an attractive workplace, it is not only important to have many ambassadors. It is just as important not to have too many opponents on your team.

The survey is quick to emphasise this.


The concept of employee satisfaction has become increasingly important as people have come to the fore as the key determinant of a company’s success.


When you are safe, you are carefree, fearless and can feel calm and relaxed. This applies to both you and your family. You have or are in a predictable and reassuring environment that creates safety. Safety is when you are within your comfort zone.

Why continuous pulse surveys in your organisation?

Generally, companies do some kind of major well-being survey every 2-3 years. For a company operating in a turbulent market, it can be a long time to wait to find out if something is wrong or if the direction is right. Many are caught up in operations and may not have an HR department to handle this.

IPA Nordic has the leading research in the Nordic region and we have developed a concept for HR PULSE SURVEYS. This provides companies with a range of tools where they can continuously and automated unfold both:

  • Stress surveys
  • Well-being surveys
  • Loyalty surveys
  • Satisfaction surveys
  • Security surveys

The tool is online surveys that ensure that the organisation keeps its finger on the pulse, and uses IPA Nordic’s pulse surveys as equally important KPIs as the financial key figures.

It all happens easily and anonymously, and once it is set up, even sends out emails / app messages to employees when it is time for a new survey.

It has never been easier – faster or cheaper to have your finger on the pulse of the company.