Measurable HR – document the effect of your efforts!

As an HR manager, you need concrete analyses of e.g. employee satisfaction, recruitment strategies and management that document the effect of HR efforts on the bottom line.

By combining your own business-critical data with relevant research and practical analysis, you get a strong starting point when you need to document the HR department’s effect on the company’s strategic efforts.

When you present your own data in an easy and accessible way, you can, with even complicated analyzes, convey proposed efforts so that they resonate in all parts of the organization.

Get training and access to proven processes – so you can deliver successful team development.

Concrete analyses that document the effect of HR efforts

Data-driven HR allows you to document the expected effect of your HR efforts. Through a deep business understanding and knowledge of collecting and analysing business-relevant data, you will be presented with the expected effects of your efforts in a clear format. This way you can ensure maximum “return on investment”.

Below you will find a number of examples of areas wherein we can assist you data-driven HR .

  • MANAGEMENT : Identify the Personality Factors that Create Effective Management in Your Business.
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION : Identify the factors in you as a company that create the most value for your customers.
  • SALES : Identify the personality factors that create sales success for your business
  • TEAMS : Team Performance and Performance
  • TALENT : Create an effective system for both internal and external recruitment of talent for your business.
  • INNOVATION : Assemble the most effective innovation teams that can handle all aspects of the innovation process.

The next step is data-driven HR development

IPA Nordic is recognised for its professional efforts in the development of HR tools with great professional weight. Based on the Nordic approach to management and working life, the IPA analysis has been shaped on the basis of the integrated mindset that provides the best possible starting point when recruiting managers and employees.

IPA Nordic has been developing HR tools for more than two decades. Customers include large international groups, such as Volvo Cars, Volvo AB, Stena AB as well as a large number of consulting companies that work professionally with the recruitment and development of managers and employees.

If you want to hear how you can use the personality analysis to strengthen your work with professional recruitment, then you can order a non-binding demonstration of the IPA analysis by contacting IPA Nordic.