Coaching Education

IPA Nordic offers a certified coaching training of 6 modules in total 4 days

– DKK 19.995

When we meet for a coach training at IPA, you will often meet other companies or coaches. We often find that brand new networks are formed that strengthen the use and understanding of IPA analysis.

Cocaching training is two consecutive days and then a follow up day within 4 weeks.

IPA Nordic offers a certified coaching training of 4 days. DKK 19.995

Module 1-2 (1 day)

Module 1 – The Psychological Contract

  • Introduction to the background and philosophy behind IPA – Nordic’s profile analysis and the Integral Model.
  • Presentation of basic personality psychology and trait theory and review of theories describing personality and used to measure and make statements about and models of personality.
  • Spontaneous trait recognition exercises

Module 2

  • Introduction to the structure of the IPA-Core profile analysis and review of the test design.
  • Trait definitions and the relationship between main factors and individual factors.
  • We work with method factors, outcome factors, relationship factors and the personal growth factors.
  • Training in analysing profile analyses and using the test manual.
  • Follow-up with questions & answers

Module 3-4 (1 day)

Module 3

  • Follow-up from last time
  • What challenges have you experienced?
  • Please bring an analysis that has given you challenges
  • Work on pairwise pull combinations.
    • Which traits influence each other
    • How?
    • Are you aware of it?

Module 4

  • Introduction to the structure of IPA-Core Leadership and review of the test design.
  • Trait definitions and the relationship between the 4 leadership scales
    • The Specialist
    • The Operational Leader
    • The Motivational Leader
    • The Strategic Leader
  • Exam paper
  • Certification

Module 5-6 (2 days)

Module 5 (1 day)

  • Working with the difference between
    • Behaviour
    • Motives
    • Preferences
  • Understanding the definitional difference between role and style
  • The functional viewpoint (Role)
  • The personal preference (Style)
  • Recap

Module 6 (1 day)

  • The main objective is to understand how to bring inner values to light and to reflect on whether the time is ripe to unlearn values that are inappropriate for the life being lived now and to become aware of the landmarks that will help each person into the future
  • Working and understanding the 8 typologies and the 9th helper role
  • Understanding alienation and stress
  • Personal values
  • The leadership development framework
  • Recap & Good luck

The Central Concept

  • The central concept is the PERSONALITY
  • How is it created, how is it developed, how is it changed?
  • Personality encompasses our whole way of being. The way we experience the world, each other and ourselves. How we relate to the world and what we do to the world, each other and ourselves.
  • Personality is the way we interpret ourselves into the world through our thoughts, our emotions, and our actions, that is, our concrete behaviors , what we actually do.
  • Our personality is created by… The innate, the genetic, the Culture, the Values, the Time, the place, the Environment, what we have learned, our experiences etc.

IPA Coach – The Underlying Values ​​

  • Personality is dynamic and complex
  • Man is a dynamic whole. Not (only) a fragmented structure of personality traits
  • Simple pedagogical model based on an idea of ​​the life journey as a development journey
  • Basic psychological psychology. Focus on the Human ‘I’.
  • Quality is created by people. Dialog Tool
  • Everyone is entitled to feedback
  • We do not judge people
  • We do not use terms that can be perceived as value-laden


  • Print the manual and bring it with you
  • Print your IPA Analysis and bring it along
  • Please read this book: Preben Bertelsen – Personlighedspsykologi
  • Be mentally prepared and have a clear mind to take in new information and learning
  • Remember everyone starts in the same place and everyone has an interest in gaining knowledge