A new major update of the IPA 360° Cockpit

We are very pleased to make the 3rd release of IPA 360° Cockpit in the last 4 months. It really means a lot to us that we can continuously deliver new functionality to our growing customer base.

This update of the IPA 360° Cockpit includes the following new functionality

  1. Full Swedish written feedback
  2. Integration between 360° IPA Cockpit and IPA Staff
  3. Comparison between IPA JobMatch and IPA Core
  4. Print on the front page of IPA 360° Cockpit

Välkommen Sverige till IPA
(welcome Sweden to IPA)

Having full Swedish written feedback has been a wish for both IPA Nordic and for those of our clients who have employees/candidates in Sweden. In 2022, IPA will also focus on growth in Sweden.

IPA Sweden has now been rolled out and is now part of the standard solution for all customers.

IPA Sweden
IPA Sweden

Integration between IPA 360° Cockpit & IPA Staff

At the moment, there are a lot of new customers who have their starting point in HR. This means that the IPA 360° Cockpit is used for recruitment and to build a candidate database. In connection with the launch of IPA Staff, it is desired that only those who have “hired” will come over to Staff and continue employee development there.

This is now part of the standard solution for all clients.

IPA JobMatch mirrors IPA Core

There are interesting facts to find in our blog from our partner Strategisk HR: Strategisk HR: 7 things you (might) not know about the Danish labour market – Strategisk HR (strategisk-hr.dk) 25% of all new hires do not stay in the job for 12 months. In Denmark we have 865,000 job changes per year. It costs somewhere between 75% – 150% of an annual salary to make a wrong recruitment,

Does the job fit the candidate and does the candidate fit the job?

IPA Sweden

Print from the front of IPA 360° Cockpit

A wish from our customers has been – to quickly print an overview of the candidate / employee with focus on main factors and single factors.

This is now possible and it is a feature we want to place in more places on the platform.