Ét samlet HR System
– værdiskabende værktøjer og analyser

Manage your HR processes and place the person at the center of our IPA Staff and 360⁰ HR Cockpit
– your innovative and value-creating HR system.

HR Features

IPA Staff supports tomorrow’s HR profiles through our automation and digitisation of HR employee data, so you are able to focus on the strategic choice in the recruitment process and well-being in the workplace. Our HR system includes a number of features that meets your company’s HR administrative processes, by gathering your employee data and providing access to detailed HR reports to make better decisions.


HR System

IPA Staff collects employee data in one system, making it easy to keep track.

We make it easy for you to organise, register, analyse and strengthen employee information that your company holds.


In our Intelligent MUS universe, the desire is to revitalise and incorporate MUS in the company’s strategic development work and at the same time digitise the process so that you can focus on the value-creating conversation.


Take the pulse of your employees. With 2-4 monthly employee surveys, you get action-oriented insight into the psychosocial work environment. Monitor the work environment. Create change.

Employee overview

Quick and clear overview of all employees.

Select the information you want to highlight.

Employee master data

Employee master data with all relevant information, references and success criteria.

Keep track of company equipment, documents, competencies.

Salary and benefits.


The IPA Staff has a 360 ° HR Cockpit, which is built on the tools used by professional recruitment companies inc. person, team and job analysis.


In continuation of the on-boarding, the employee development journey is created with a focus on Mastery – Results – Collaboration – Personal Development. At the heart is the Intelligent MUS.


When employees leave the company, it is important that this is done in a coordinated and structured way. The employee’s key knowledge is passed on and a possible competence gap is described.

Open API

The architecture of the IPA system offers easy integration with other systems via our open API. With our open APIs, it is possible to integrate your systems with ours, whether it is payroll systems, time registration systems, CRM systems or something completely different.


In IPA, we’ve got ypu covered in relation to data security and GDPR. You can always be sure to be able to collect, store, process and delete data in accordance with the GDPR. It provides you security in all your HR processes.

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What our customers say about us

Strategic HR is perfect for companies without a larger HR department. We care deeply that our employees have the feeling that we are a competent and up-to-date HR department with associated tools that can lift our managers in their work.

Torben Lynge Overgaard - CEO, Frederiksen Scientific A/S

Strategic HR has a completely unique 360 ​​° HR concept with personality and behavioral analyses, job match and cultural analyses, as well as a completely unique Intelligent MUS concept that is tailored to companies without an HR department, but still believes that employees is the difference

Mads Elefsen Kudsk - CEO, Tele-Mark A/S