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IPA 360° Cockpit

The IPA Analyses are designed to be a model and tool for use in recruitment, personal development in general and leadership development. They are created as a concrete measurement instrument developed on the basis of Trait Theory, as well as empirical and empirical data drawn primarily from the factor analytic tradition in personality psychology.

Recognizing the complexity of the personality concept and structure, it has been crucial for IPA Nordic to take a WHOLE-BASED and DYNAMIC approach to the development and application of the IPA Analysis. Holistic because most phenomena in personality are interrelated and interdependent, dynamic in the sense that the quality of what you develop at one level is often dependent on the quality of what you have developed at another level. Thus, the idea of personality as an integrative life journey is born.


The highest-rated personality assessments are brought together with the industry’s strongest platform.


Used by both the recruitment industry and HR departments. Recruitment can help HR.


The system is simple, intuitive and logically structured, with built-in manuals and guides.

IPA Analysis

IPA Analyses available in IPA 360° Cockpit

Personality Analysis


The job from the inside

Corporate culture

Roles and style

Background on the analysis in IPA 360 ° Cockpit

Highest rating

IPA Nordic’s Personality Analysis obtained a rating as the best Nordic-developed tool of its kind.

Largest Research Database

IPA Nordic has assembled one of the Nordic region’s largest research database, which contains analysis results for more than 25,000 managers and employees. It is a database that, in its structure, creates opportunities for conducting a broad and well grounded research.

100% European research

All research and development of the analyses and the strategic Cockpit takes place in Denmark. IPA is distributed in most of the world, and is used in both small and large companies. 82% of the worlds population can answar a an IPA Personality test in their own language.

We use the built-in intelligent Appraisale module and thereby develop our staff for the benefit of Vesta RAM and not least the abused women we help at our shelter. ”

With the 360 ​​° cockpit, we can get around this particular problem in an educational way, as the classic personality and behavior analySes are described with text and models. We can therefore ensure that we complement our team and at the same time we do not compromise our culture ”.



The IPA 360° Cockpit offers some unique technological possibilities. All data collected and presented somewhere in the cockpit can be compared with each other.

We know that 25% of new hires do not stay in the job for 12 months after hiring. This can be attributed to two different responses. Answer 1 is that it is a “bad boss” and answer 2 is that there was not a clear set of expectations about the job. The IPA 360° Cockpit can help with this.


Person & Person

IPA 360° Cockpit - SWOT


Person & Job

IPA 360° Cockpit - SWOT


Person vs. Team

IPA 360° Cockpit - SWOT

In the IPA 360° Cockpit you can compare the candidate with his/her manager. Are there any areas we need to address beforehand? It’s about the different personality traits being able to complement each other. 

Helps against misunderstandings and the bad boss narrative, especially when the irreversible personality traits are described. 

IPA 360° Cockpit is an insurance against your new employee leaving with a reason that is poor expectation matching. When IPA JobMatch is used correctly, IPA Core and IPA JobMatch can be mirrored in each other. 

Are there areas where the candidate does not match the job – and to what degree are you willing to compromise?

How does the candidate fit into the team where the candidate will use his/her primary workforce? 

Does the candidate provide the extra edge that uncovers the team’s blind spot?

That’s very easy to compare and provides great financial value.

Personal SWOT

As something central in IPA’s 360 Cockpit, the individual employee is placed at the center, and a Personal SWOT analysis is prepared.

In bulletin form, employees’ Strong sides are reviewed, as well as associated points of attention . We do not work with weaknesses.

Opportunities and challenges unfold in text form. At the same time, the individual traits in personality analysis 1: 1 are compared with the traits that the job requires. Deficiencies are addressed and a development plan is put in place.

Dominant Main Factors

An integral part of the solution is the personal SWOT.

The starting point is the space where the employee feels most comfortable. What are the challenges and opportunities? What personal strengths does the person have and what points of attention can be worked on?


a personal SWOT comes from the IPA Core personality analysis. It provides an overview of the candidate’s strengths, which are of course job specific. For example, is the candidate flexible and adaptable in their thinking? Does the candidate take strong personal responsibility for the completion of tasks? On the basis of the strengths, the system puts forward various hypotheses about opportunities and challenges.

Points of attention

The IPA 360° Cockpit – Attention Points lists the interpretations of the personality traits that need some attention. For example, are you the type of person who tends to close in on yourself? Do you seem conflict averse and vulnerable? Based on this, opportunities and challenges for the candidate are presented.

IPA 360° Cockpit - SWOT

IPA 360° Cockpit – possibility for a personal SWOT. Is an integral part of employer branding, where those candidates who do not end up getting the job in return get a personalised SWOT candidate report delivered. 

Automatic Feedback

The quality of the IPA Core and the other IPA analyses depends on the ability to use it as a basis for effective dialogue. Asking the right questions that open up and perspective the candidate.

Central to the IPA 360° Cockpit is a built-in algorithm that, based on each candidate’s responses to the analysis.

The algorithm designs 5 questions that ask the right questions based on the score on a personality trait.

The algorithm is structured in such a way that the first questions are open, while the last ones are closer.

It is possible to save in writing the answers given by the candidate.

IPA 360° Cockpit - feedback


IPA Nordic is growing rapidly, partly because we have followed our customers around the world.

We define language on 3 levels.

  1. The first is the introduction to the analysis and the candidate’s/employee’s own choice to answer in their local language. This ensures that important nuances are preserved.
  2. The written interpretation. This means that a candidate taking for example the IPA Core analysis in German, the user can decide in which language the user would like to read the interpretation. For example, Finnish.
  3. Normative.  Normative tests show the result compared to a norm group. The score is calculated and converted into a percentage distribution compared to the average of the norm group (e.g. DK norm). The norm score is calculated from a psychometric processing of responses from a large demographically representative group. The result in the report thus shows the focus person’s score classified in relation to the current norm group.
IPA 360° Cockpit - multisprog
IPA 360° Cockpit multisprog - Dansk

Example of IPA Core – presented in IPA 360° Cockpit

IPA 360° Cockpit multisprog - Finsk

Example of IPA Core – presented in IPA 360° Cockpit in Finnish

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