IPA Personal Capability Chart

The current individual’s overall personal capabilities are clearly defined in the IPA Personal Capability Chart

For many organizations, both internal and external recruitment for leadership positions and key functions in the company is a parameter of strategic importance.

However, the processes, structures and knowledge inputs that characterize companies’ recruitment management today are often characterized by a lack of overall management and impact in the organization.

This means that recruitment does not have a clear common goal and a clearly anchored common methodology.

Developed by IPA Nordic & Volvo Cars in joint co-operation

Cand. Phil. Flemming Anders Olsen in collaboration with Volvo Cars in Gothenburg developed a concept and an analysis system that could lift recruitment to a strategic level. It was named The Personal Capability Chart

The idea behind IPA Personal Capability Chart

The idea behind the development of this Chart was to “objectify” and “depoliticize” the process in which the selection of central key persons takes place. Objectification is achieved by developing the most comprehensive person analysis system seen in Scandinavia to date. A system that provides knowledge and analytical support for the structures and people who carry out the selection process.

This Chart was later further developed so that it can be used by all companies for both internal and external recruitment.

The idea behind IPA Personal Capability Chart

The Capability Chart has grown out of the professional psychological context that IPA Nordic works within. The field theory of Integrative Psychology is a unifying attempt to describe the human being based on the knowledge we have gathered about how a human being can be meaningfully viewed from different parts of the formation of the individual personality. In this context, we work here with the theoretical experiences and developmental views that describe the human being based on the individual’s behavior, the individual’s motive systems and thus personal preferences, and the individual’s personal values as these are primarily imprinted on the individual from the outside and through relationships.

Operationally, IPA Nordic has developed analysis systems that cover all three views of the individual personality.

IPA Core Personality is a behavioral and trait theoretical personality analysis.

IPA Core Focus is a role and style analysis based on the individual’s preferences, and thus the underlying motive systems.

IPA Core Value is an in-depth analysis that registers the individual’s personal values based on an integral model and mindset.

The current individual’s overall personal qualifications

The IPA Capability Chart is a personality analysis that combines and brings together all three analyses into one picture, so that the person reading and interpreting this picture can form an impression of the current person’s overall personal qualifications – here called The Personal Capability Chart.

We have combined the three mentioned analyses into one picture, among other things through indexing at the Main Factor level, which creates an effective overview of the person’s performance picture in relation to each individual analysis, but also an overview of how the three analyses interact in the overall picture.

Thus, the whole concept is built to create clear and efficient structures, clear and documentable goals, common methods and a comprehensive, yet simple documentation of the person assessment.

And the goal is simple. To find, develop and place the most suitable candidates in leadership and key positions in the organization in the most efficient way possible.

The visual presentation

We have worked hard to make the results of The Capability Chart as clear and simple as possible. This means that we can show a person’s total score in the Chart on a single page.

Visually, we illustrate a person’s ability and potential to perform a given function with a house. The higher the house, the higher the Personal Capability of the person in question.

The height of each house is thus calculated floor by floor as an overall index of the factors included in the blue, red, green and yellow factors in each analysis. And to judge the size of the house, you can orient yourself according to the median and quartile scores plotted in the figures.

We can also see how the person has built one floor on top of another and how spacious each floor is.

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