Employer Branding

– not just a story about the company

Professor Henrik B. Sørensen can be booked for an inspiring lecture “Employer Branding”

The Employer Branding lecture uses IPA personal profiles as a starting point to explain how different personal profiles can best tap into the company’s branding. Participants will also gain insight into how employer branding is best used for retention and recruitment purposes.


Henrik B. Sørensen
professor, ph.d., author





Employer branding – not just a story about the company

In many people’s eyes, employer branding is, in short, the story of the company. Its often implicit success stories and the myths that have been created about the company over time. It is the company’s culture and organizational identity.

Many HR partners work with employer branding, but often overlook the fact that different people with different characteristics, perceptions and values tap into the narrative. This talk will give you a vivid insight into how to build a brand and, based on the brand, create good recruitment and retention.

We also give you an insight into a concrete tool that allows you to develop your own organization’s employer brand in a precise and specific way. We will cover how to make more potential employees aware of the organization, how to best onboard new employees and how to give them a solid perspective on being an employee in the company.

Finally, we also discuss how to say goodbye to an employee and how to help a dismissed employee become a good ambassador for the company. Employer branding is a hidden and therefore often overlooked factor in creating success.

An organization’s employer brand cannot be copied by other companies or products.

About the speaker, Henrik B Sørsensen

Henrik B. Sørensen is a former associate professor of organizational theory at the Department of Management at Aarhus BSS, Aarhus University. He holds an MSc in Business Administration and a PhD from Aarhus School of Business. Throughout his career, he has worked with HR and strategic, managerial and organizational issues in both theory and practice. In addition, he has a strong focus on the organizations of the future and the megatrends, generational leadership and diversity as well as new digital technologies that companies must exist in.

Henrik is a well-known speaker and has worked with organizational and change processes in both small and medium-sized companies. Henrik therefore has a good insight into the processes that drive and develop small and medium-sized companies.

Henrik is resident speaker at the Danish HR conference www.hr-dagen.dk 

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Henrik B. Sørensen

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