HR Heroes – a targeted HR training

What is the HR Heroes training?

Eight sessions, alternating between presentations, discussions, reflections and sharing of participants’ experiences and practices with HR.

The Sparing Round: Here you can get the other participants’ views on an HR dilemma you’re facing

What is said in the academy is confidential and must not be taken outside the room

After each session: either a short summary or your own reflections to be circulated to the Academy members

What is the idea behind the HR Heroes training?

The idea is to create a practical and agile HR education. It is a kind of closed and limited network that aims to increase knowledge about HR in theory and practice.

Who is behind HR Heroes?

The academic content is determined by Professor Henrik B. Sørensen and Steen Wæver Poulsen.

Who is the target audience?

Network members are people who are involved in HR on a daily basis and who are interested in people and people’s ability to influence the company they work for – for the benefit of themselves and others.

Who is an HR Hero?

An HR Hero is someone who knows a wide range of HR topics in theory and practice and someone who colleagues like to ask for advice + someone who can develop people and organizations.

What is the price?

Participation costs € 1.340,- and covers tuition, materials, catering and a diploma for all 8 sessions.

If you are unable to attend, you can send a substitute from the company by appointment.


Theme Teacher Aarhus
Dusager 6
8200  Aarhus N
The relationship between
business strategy and their
HR strategy
Henrik B. Sørensen 24.1.2023 – TBD –
HR RealityCheck &
HR Wheel model
Søren Busk

Henrik B. Sørensen

21.2.2023 – TBD –
Employer branding part I
– The good recruitment
Henrik B. Sørensen 21.3.2023 – TBD –
Employer branding part II
– Employee retention
Henrik B. Sørensen 18.4.2023 – TBD –
Employer branding part III
– The Good Goodbye
Henrik B. Sørensen 23.5.2023 – TBD –
Organizational Due Diligence
– Taking stock of your organization
– Concrete tools to create a balanced organization
Steen Wæver Poulsen

Henrik B. Sørensen

15.8.2023 – TBD –
Is HR responsible for the company’s
equity and inclusion?
Henrik B. Sørensen 19.9.2023 – TBD –
Current topic that puts education into play
– Closing – diploma – champagne
Henrik B. Sørensen 05.10.2023 – TBD –