IPA HR Academy

The IPA Academy is a collection of all our training and education offers.

HR uddannelse - IPA Akademi

HR Heros

HR Heroes is a training offered by HR-Dagen and facilitated by IPA Nordic. We teach 8 sessions of 4 hours, plus a full certification in IPA Core, which is the highest rated personality analysis in Scandinavia.

IPA HR Lecture

IPA HR Lectures is a series of lectures about what’s hot on the HR scene. They can be booked for companies, associations or institutions.

HR uddannelse - IPA Akademi
HR uddannelse - IPA Akademi

IPA Certification

IPA certification is the “driving licence” for our IPA analyses. At the certification you will be taught the background and interpretation of the IPA analyses, so that you become the expert yourself.

Let us help you with the future

The IPA Academy is an excellent place to start for anyone in the HR function.

“I wouldn’t be without my education in HR and understanding of what’s going on in the HR scene.”

Rikke Pallesen

VestaRAM, founder

HR uddannelse - IPA Akademi