Datadriven HR with IPA

To some, the concept of Data-Driven HR sounds too harsh. But the truth is that it’s a strategically important tool for HR to increasingly become a key player in driving the business in the right direction. Data should nuance and enhance current HR processes, not replace them.

Companies that are data-driven today are making objective, faster and better decisions for the organization that are in line with the direction of the business. In an ever-changing world and working life, being able to make correct decisions quickly becomes an essential skill. A data-driven approach will also mean prioritizing initiatives that data predicts will have a positive impact – even if they may not intuitively be the most obvious projects to initiate.

Sådan kan du komme i gang med datadrevet HR med IPA

Hos IPA har vi 3 fokusprodukter Overordnet er der tre trin, man skal igennem for at få succes i arbejdet med datadrevet HR:

  1. IPA HR 360° Cockpit. Her bor alle de kvalitative data.
  2. IPA HR Staff. Her bor alle de kvantitative data.
  3. IPA HR Insights. Her blander vi de to første og får datadrevet HR

HR data om mennesker og menneskelig adfærd er mere kompleks at tolke end klassisk Business Intelligence-data. Det kræver mere at tolke resultaterne fra en dataanalyse, når data er alt fra fravær, tilfredshedsundersøgelser, løndata eller salgstal til personlighedstest.

For mange HR-afdelinger har det måske været grunden til, at man ikke har turde at kaste sig ud i det, men det er faktisk ikke så svært, som det måske lyder, og heldigvis har HR ofte mange af de nødvendige kompetencer inhouse allerede.

One complete HR System – value-creating tools and analyses

Manage your HR processes and place people at the center with our 360⁰ Cockpit – your innovative and value-creating HR system.

Our modules

Strategic HR supports tomorrow’s HR profiles through our automation and digitisation of HR employee data, such that you are able to focus on the strategic choice in the recruitment process and well-being in the workplace. Our HR system includes a number of features that anticipates your and your company’s HR administrative processes, by gathering your employee data and providing access to detailed HR reports to make better decisions. Learn more about what Strategic HR modules can do for you.

360⁰ Cockpit

Our 360⁰ Cockpit is a HR system that is your powerful tool for use in recruitment, employee and leadership development. An innovative solution that provides access to our highly certified behavioral and personality analyses.

IPA Staff

IPA Staff gathers employee data in one system, making it easy for you not to lose sight. We make it easy for you to organize, register, analyse and strengthen employee information that your company holds.

Intelligent MUS

In our Intelligent MUS universe, the desire is to revitalise and incorporate MUS in the company’s strategic development work and at the same time digitise the process so that you can focus on the value-creating conversation.

IPA Analyses

The IPA analyses are created to serve as models and tools for use in recruitment, employee and management development, team composition and reports on HR data.

Learn more about what Strategic HR’s analytics can do for you.


Integrated analytics for recruitment, employee-, management- and business development.


A complete system with several solutions from recruitment, storage of employee data to continuous development of employees.


Our HR system is modular, so the company only pays for the solutions that are needed.


Analyses based on more than 30 years of research in personality, behavior, team leadership development and innovation.

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Strategic HR is perfect for companies without a larger HR department. We care deeply that our employees have the feeling that we are a competent and up-to-date HR department with associated tools that can lift our managers in their work.

Torben Lynge Overgaard - CEO, Frederiksen Scientific A/S

Strategic HR is a completely unique 360 ° HR concept with personality and behavioral analyses, job match and cultural analyses, as well as a completely unique Intelligent MUS concept that is tailored to companies without an HR department, who however, still believes that employees make the difference.

Mads Elefsen Kudsk - CEO, Tele-Mark A/S