IPA Nordic is the host of HR-Dagen

HR-Dagen is the gathering point for everyone who works with or has an interest in HR – People & Culture.

HR-Dagen is
learning, inspiration and networking.


incl. refreshments & materials

HR-Dagen is Co-creation

Co-creation – it has to be my favorite word. We create something together. HR Day is created with some truly forward-thinking people who have the desire to share their knowledge and experience with others. Participants who not only receive, but also give of themselves in networking, conversations and discussions.

Inspiration, networking and a really good atmosphere “

“Great knowledge presentations that were inspiring”

“A nice informal atmosphere and where many people contributed actively

Key note speakere

Each time, there are key notes from professors, researchers, educators or others who we believe can make a difference. (examples:)

Lars Fournais, Chairman of the Board, AGF

Henrik B. Sørensen, PhD, Author, Associate Professor, Aarhus University

Karen Marie Fiirgaard, Cand.Psych.Aut. , Occupational Psychologist

Ole Knokgaard, HumanI360, Executive Consulting

Niels Kristoffersen, Partner, BDO Advisory

Tanya Honoré Schultz, Director and Business Manager

Lars Ib, Rector, Business Institute

Flemming Olsen, Researcher. IPA Nordic ApS

Yvonne Evers, HR Director, RGS Nordic

HR Network

HR-Dagen emphasizes that you can expand your own HR network and build a strong personal HR platform.

Previous topics:

2023-06 HR Day – Well-being & Stress
2022-09 HR Day – Job satisfaction & Motivation
2022-03 HR Day – HR as a strategic bridge builder
2021-09 HR Day – The Battle for Talent (Attract – Retain – Develop)

HR Inspiration

At HR Dagen you’ll meet speakers who have lived, performed or have experience that will inspire you in the future. (examples:)

Flemming Nyebølle, Head of People & Culture . Hungry

May Damsgaard, People & Culture, AddPRO Denmark

Thomas Thorsøe, HR Director, Kemp & Lauritsen A/S

René Toldbod. HR Director, OK a.m.b.a.

Malene Hulkvist, HR Manager, Saint Gobain

IPA Lectures